Nominees for the best Service with the best global potential

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Who will be the next Angry Birds or Clash of Clans? Let us know about killer services that will conquer the world in near future.

Note that you can nominate also services that were launched before 2014. However, the jury will give emphasis to the novelty of the application.

In addition to liking nominees on Facebook, you can tell us why should your favourite nominee win.

Taitori Gate

Taitori Gate is an cloud-based employee time-tracking application that turns traditional one way timecard systems to interactive virtual gate to your workplace. You can log in to workplace using smart timecard, mobile application or browser.


Yossa is the biggest nightlife App in Barcelona where you can find the funkiest parties and coolest events in town. Find out where YOU want to go tonight!


Cardu mobiilikortti sovellukseen saat kanta-asiakas- ja jäsenkorttisi talteen puhelimeesi. Voit nyt käyttää parturi-kampaamosi leimapassia tai hampurilaisravintolan tarjouskuponkeja kätevästi puhelimesi ruudulta. Unohda hankalat paperiset kupongit ja leim


Millions of People Love Camu! * Apple Editors' Choice in over 100 countries! With the best real-time editing tools, Camu allows you to shoot stunning photos and videos in seconds! Send them privately to your friends on Camu or share to your favourite

Spot Digger

Spot Digger is a free social mobile application and service that brings the best locations for skate- and snowboarding right to your pocket. The all new social & renewed Android app out now and iOS to be launched soon.


CreateTrips is a social trip planner for the smart traveller. It allows easy travel planning by yourself or together with friends. Just after three months, it has been Top 10 of travel apps in over 70 countries and has an active user base of six figures.


Complete simple task by your smartphone to help brands create better services. Download Gizlo today.


Statbeat is a sports application that lets amateur players track their stats, schedules and attendance to the sports tournaments and games.

Nettitutka / Netradar

Nettitutka (in Finland) and Netradar (globally) provide consumers information about the quality of networks and mobile devices. The service is based on crowd sourcing and the app is available on all smart phones platforms (eight altogether).


Venesatamat on mobiilisatamaopas jonka tavoitteena on olla Suomen luotettavin, kattavin ja aktiivisin venesatamaopas. Sovelluksemme toimivat myös tablet-laitteissa.

BelleMemory -muistipeli

BelleMemory is a free memory game designed for all aged people. In the game there are shown pictures which you have to remember in the same order you have seen. The amount of the pictures is growing by levels. You can play the game with mobile device.


Maailman ensimmäinen älykäs eläimen hyvinvointitesti. Pipetoi 3-4 tippaa virtsaa testitikun näytekaivoon. Lue testitulos älypuhelimella 15 minuutin kuluttua. Älypuhelinsovellus kertoo tuloksen samantien. Saat myös apua tuloksen tulkintaan.

KiDMEMO - Vauvakirja verkossa

KiDMEMO is a printed baby book parents can create online with family and friends. Super easy to co-create on PC, tablet or iPhone, resulting in a lifelong keepsake, a hardcover book with age related questions and milestones.


b-bark is an excellent mobile application for hunting, dog tracking, hiking, geocaching and other outdoor activities. You can go into the outdoors with confidence and enjoy your activities without worrying about the tools to help you navigate.

Pint Please

Pint Please is a FREE app for friends of good quality brew. It’s the easiest way to keep track of your favourite beers and get recommendations of new beers to taste.

Mun ottelut/Calmighty

Kaikki mahdolliset urheilulajit ja niiden aikataulut, joista itse on kiinnostunut tai harrastaa itse. Erinomainen kalenteri/muistutus itse.

Yle Uutisvahti

Finnish National Broadcasting Company's news app was launched in 2014 for iOS, Android and WP. It has re-invented journalism. It will analyse your use and also lets you spec your own news categories very specifically for your own personal news feed.

PROVET Lemmikin hoitotiedot älypuhelimeen

Tuhatjalka Mobiili -palvelussa näkyvät lemmikkien perustietojen lisäksi muun muassa käynnit Tuhatjalka-klinikoilla, tarkastukset ja hoidot, rokotukset, laboratoriotulokset, lääkitykset, laskut jne. Lemmikin omistajan on helppo tarkistaa sieltä sekä käyn


Dive into languages with the award-winning Finnish service. The WordDive method makes learning vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation fast and easy for you. It offers a personalized learning experience and helps you start using the new language.