Dive into languages with the award-winning Finnish service. The WordDive method makes learning vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation fast and easy for you. It offers a personalized learning experience and helps you start using the new language.

Have you ever felt disappointed after a language course, discovering that all the long hours spent on studying have brought you no real results, and that you are still unable to use the language?

WordDive is different. It is not just an app or a web service, it is a method for learning a language. This method is specifically aimed at helping you to start actually using the new language quickly and without overwhelming effort.

Three key principles form the core of the WordDive method:
• WordDive teaches you language by activating your brain simultaneously through multiple senses: the words and phrases are presented in a variety of ways combining written text with images and audio. This activates your memory several times but does not feel like dull repetition.
• WordDive is fully personalized: it adapts the exercises to you individually, depending on your skill level and learning pace. In addition, it offers a wide, and ever growing, range of courses and topics for you to choose from and caters to your specific linguistic needs and goals.
• And, most importantly, WordDive enables permanent learning. This means that we make sure you know and still remember what you have learned in the years to come. It also means that when communicating in a foreign language, you are able to concentrate on what you want to say instead of struggling to remember the words and phrases to say it.

WordDive is great for users of beginner and intermediate fluency levels and for any age.

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