Yle Uutisvahti

Finnish National Broadcasting Company's news app was launched in 2014 for iOS, Android and WP. It has re-invented journalism. It will analyse your use and also lets you spec your own news categories very specifically for your own personal news feed.

Yle News wanted their first mobile application to be something unique – something that couldn’t be done with a web page. They specifically wanted to serve the eager mobile users who Yle doesn’t necessarily reach with their more traditional channels. On the other hand, they wanted to make the application so easy to use that even someone who isn’t familiar with mobile apps would be comfortable with it.

Yle, Qvik and Reaktor worked closely together in developing the Uutisvahti service. The news feed is personalized based on the user’s emphasis and reading history. The user doesn’t necessarily have to go and read the news at all: the service keeps watch in the background and notifies the user with a push notification when something interesting has happened. The powerful and versatile news application was successfully wrapped up in a delicious and approachable package.

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