KiDMEMO - Vauvakirja verkossa

KiDMEMO is a printed baby book parents can create online with family and friends. Super easy to co-create on PC, tablet or iPhone, resulting in a lifelong keepsake, a hardcover book with age related questions and milestones.

Are your baby’s photos dispersed all over your technical devices?
Do you want to remember to capture the precious baby milestones and memories?
Do you want to involve grandparents and godparents in adding to the baby book?

If your answer is YES, KiDMEMO is for you.

KiDMEMO is a baby book that you can create online together with family and friends. When you are ready, you can order it as a hardcover book.

The baby book content is designed for children between the ages of 0 and 12 months. It includes questions about all the little milestones in your baby’s first year – when was the first smile, first tooth, first word, first step and so on. It shows your baby’s growth graph nicely on the book page. It also includes free text areas for your own stories and a lot of space for your photos.

What are the benefits of KiDMEMO?
• You can create the baby book online anywhere you are
• The service is very easy to use, even grandma can do it!
• You can upload photos from PC, tablet or iPhone
• You can co-create the most important story you’ll ever write with family and friends
• You can co-create multiple books on your account
• We help you remember to add to your baby book with our friendly reminders
• KiDMEMO results in a lifelong keepsake – a hardcover book - that includes all the little milestones and stories we tend to forget

What our customers say:
• It is so appealing that I keep on writing even though I would need to sleep before the baby wakes up again!
• KiDMEMO is a fantastic service that is easy to use!

KiDMEMO Baby Book is shortlisted in the Mumii 2014 Best Baby & Toddler Gear awards

Create an account today at and start co-creation with your dearest ones! Upload the iPhone app from and add photos and stories on the go!

Languages: English (US), English (UK), English (EU), Finnish and Swedish.
(In EU English baby measurements are in cm and kg.)

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