BelleMemory -muistipeli

BelleMemory is a free memory game designed for all aged people. In the game there are shown pictures which you have to remember in the same order you have seen. The amount of the pictures is growing by levels. You can play the game with mobile device.

BelleGames organized a game happening for elderly at Business Kitchen, Oulu in September. The average age of the players was 75. In the happening we were playing BelleMemory memory game. The player can play the game in a browser and it is meant for memory freshment.

You can play the game by touching with your finger on the mobile device screen. In the elderly case we have noticed a tablet is the best option to play the game.

The event was a success and the game got notified by media, below is a link to the YLE news:

Live radio interview about the event was aired on Kultakuume program for Yle 1 radio 9.9.2014.

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