Nettitutka / Netradar

Nettitutka (in Finland) and Netradar (globally) provide consumers information about the quality of networks and mobile devices. The service is based on crowd sourcing and the app is available on all smart phones platforms (eight altogether).

Netradar is a service developed by researchers at Aalto University. The purpose is to offer consumers unbiased and scientifically accurate data about mobile and fixed Internet connections and mobile devices (smart phones and tablets). The service offers a map that displays quality of networks around the world, and in future there will be extensive statistics about devices, operators and countries. By using the mobile app, users share anonymously information about their connectivity and device to each other. This crowd sourced data is analyzed and displayed by the Netradar service. The app has been downloaded almost 150'000 times and it is used daily by thousands of people around the world.

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